monday thunder strikes my head

It's already Monday night ! I had a simple outing with my cousin today just to watch Smurfs ! Smurfs, the blue thingy. I guess people have been talking about the movie since last week or last last week. So I watched it and it turns out to be pretty interesting but not as interesting as korean drama and etc. HAHA

So, you see the photo above. It's actually potato thingy and costs me RM4.00 It was nice for an afternoon snack ! I feel like trying out the black pepper flavor.

I'm so sad to think that I am going to go back to my uni in few more days. this is sad.

I'm so nervous to wait for the results which are coming out on 14 of September this week. I don't want to fail any units !

I'm so sorry for the late post about " 6 reasons why I have no boyfriend " because I don't feel the urge to blog nowadays because I am enjoying too much back here !

Last but not least, I am winning some giveaways from my blogger friend ! YAY!!! love to wait for the pressiessss :DD

wait, I forget to wish everybody HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL even though I don't celebrate it :DDD


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