owh my dinner

Mushroom chicken chop rice with a soup and barli drink (RM 6.80) 

This is my dinner for today. I don't know what to blog so I blog. Sounds very wrong.I have nothing to do in this room but I did some mathematics exercise this afternoon because I just cannot accept the fact that I got a  f*cking B for my results. I never got that f*cking B in mathematics before. THAT F*CKING B !!!!

alright, drop that. So it's the third day for new semester. First week was super boring because I don't have to attend tutorials and practicals. It sucks and sucker when I have to attend one hour lecture from 8 am to 9 am tomorrow and then that's all for the day.

at least it's english class and I just love the way the lecturer speaks  :)

I need to get better results for this semester or else I will be dying sooner or later =.=

So this semester is uberly weird. I got picked to become class representatives in few minutes because someone called out number 13 and the lecturer picked the person by the number. And I was thinking that my name always in between 10 to 20 if the class is small. Yup, I got picked with the bad number and I said yes it's okay :D

I don't know what work I am ought to do because this is so different than secondary school where I have been a class monitor/assistant for three years continuously. Just wish me luck for the new environment.

Alright, I have to move on :)


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