rainbow makes my day

Start off with a hello kitty photo ! I am always in love with this thing since I was born into this world and recently I got a hello kitty soft toy from my dearest friends because of my 18th birthday ! This little purse, or bag I guess belongs to someone really sophiscatedly cute ! HAHAHA. who is that ? :P

Another perfectness of hello kitty ! Disposal camera which I never seen it with my own EYEBALLS ! I love to have one in the future ! :D

This is also belongs to the girl that I mentioned earlier on :P

You guys really need to visit her blog, especially the girls. !

Pretty long sleeves clothings that is rarely worn by me because I live in A HOT HOT HOT country ! summer for the whole year. But these cuteness, make me want to wear them !! The hood ! ! omg.


So this is the girl that I was saying just now ! I am overwhelm by the yukata she wears in the picture. Exactly depict her blog's name :D 

I have to say, she beats XIAXUE ; a well known singaporean blogger @@

Here's the main part of the blog post. I found a blog and through a blog I found the contest organised by the her! Seriously, her blog is awesomely madness CUTE ! She has a contest going on and I am joining it !

Teribblely killed me after I read some of her posts. She lives in an awesome country named JAPAN . OMG, one day I will be there, the country where the sun rises.

So, take this link CLICK ME be fast because it ends on 10 of september !!! 8 more days to go babeh !!

I have to go back to my revision again. I have to pass with good grades !! Bless me everyone !

opps, sorry for repeating too much "CUTE" words in this post because IT REALLY LOOKS CUTE. opps, again ! :P


~mEm0RiEs~ said…
hahaha...!! I have join... lolx~ all the best to you... good luck.. ^.^
Hilda Milda™ said…
OMG HELLO KITTY disposable camera, I want it too! :O

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