banana ?


Do you know what is banana ? My lecturer asked me this. I said

" A fruit ?"

lol. I felt that eyes were starring at me when my lecturer was saying this. I do not feel like looking at my friends sitting next to me.

I don't think I'm a banana because I speak Chinese, English randomly. Don't call me a banana. I don't like because it sounded like penis. Zzzzzzz

I have many banana friends but I like them. The culture here is just so fucking weird. I love some lecturers who emphasize on English and I know some of my friends don't like banana people. I feel like telling them, owh, I have a lot of banana friends in Miri. They are not wrong, they are normal.

Maybe I'm just not in the mood, so I sound so angry ?

*  *  * drop that topic.

I hate drunk yards and gambler a lot. emphasize A LOT

Oh right, I have drunk retarded fucking smoker neighbours living next to my house. Not one, but whole house ? It was 3 am in the morning, imagine someone woke you up with the ultimately annoying bitchingly laughs. It went silent a while, then it continues again. then suddenly the laughings suddenly popped out so loud. I feel like scolding the 324@#%#$^$#^%$ but I just can't because I'm not a bannaa?. F Zzzzzzzz

I am just bluffing here, so just don't mind me. You can leave my blog now.


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