My Happiest Moment

Oh, I saw some awesome blog posts by other bloggers. With a blotted stomach, I try my best to post this so that I could win that damn camera. It's very heart striking because the deadline is almost over when I just noticed this. Well, I'm a smart girl hehehe , so it won't be a problem for me :D This post and photos, are entirely my own creation.

I woke up from my dream. I reached for my phone to know what time it was. I felt so tired. Tired of everything. It was 4.30 am and all I could see was just the darkness looming in my room. I could sense my sister who was still sleeping soundly with the help of the slight moonlight piercing through the curtains in front of the double bed. 

Something was out there waiting for me. I could not sleep any longer, because I was leaving on that day. Everyone was still asleep but I woke up earlier where I had no idea why. I slept at around 2 am the night before. Owh, I only slept for two hours. That was so short, maybe I should say it, I took a nap.

Sleeping is like a waste of time, so I try to stay awake most of the time to treasure every seconds. I do not want myself to regret over it. So, it was really the time to wake up and began my journey.

The orange luggage of mine was heavy. Very heavy instead because my mum had packed it with a lot of stuff that I could use when I reached there. Yea, there. 

" It's time to leave my home."

Three months passed. I grew up. I learnt how to live by my own. I miss home too. I was so painful like lightning stroke your heart thousands of times until you turn into dusts. Every night, I could feel like it was a long long night. The moment where you want to see your family very much but you can't. That feelings are overwhelming me every single night for three months. Until I could not sleep well, and even feeling of giving up the whole thing and go home.

That was terrible. And so, with determination whenever my mum gave me through every phone calls. I survived because of her. And now....

It's time to go home! LALALALLALA! The most awaiting day by every single teenager that went out to look the world at the age of 17. I bet this is also the happiest moment for everybody. With no doubt, whenever I heard home, the feeling of adrenaline rush come right into my body. I felt delighted, happy, joyfulness, grateful, conquering my whole body. All kinds of happy emotions.

It is really the most and foremost happiest moment in my life. The feeling of being home can never beaten by any other happy moments in my life. Even if I got 6D, I won't be that happy as being home :] Seriously, even with the saying " Money can buy happiness" do they ?


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