blood .... :D

 Ouch! It's hurting me but I'm saving someone somewhere in the world. It was terrifying when I see the needle slowly POKED into my senstitive flesh on the elbow. Imagine ! It was a fifteen minutes incident. After the nurse poked into my elbow, I feel so exaggerated =.= Actually in teh beginning, I felt a little bit of dizziness like you almost faint but then, after the rate of blood flowing out became slower and slower, I feel energetic again. Of course, not as energetic as before I drained out my blood. I didn't take any photo but I think my friend who accompanied me took photo of me though. I could feel the hotness of my blood through the tube she
put on my arm. Wow, I actually got a certificate too! This is really interesting because it was my very first time of donating blood. I'm an O blood holder! A universal donor too! If you want my blood, just tell me. But I'm not sure if I'm a O- or O+. The other day I was conducting an experiment where we have to use our own blood and check which blood group am I. So, my groupmate used her blood because I don't want to get pricked by the needle ! :P She was an O+ though. So, just now, I checked on the web that O- is a rare type of blood where it is truly a universal donor because O+ can donate to any group but not to the person with O- but person with O- can donate to everybody A+-, B+-, AB+-, and O+- woah. So, am I truly a universal donor ? that makes me wondering~~~~


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