Fairy tail ; all time fave !

I have known this anime long time ago, when I was form 3. I was reading the manga type actually but after missing a few episodes of the manga, I could not catch up what was happening. Until this year, when my new friend gave me whole lot of episodes of fairy tail animes, I started to watch again even though some of them I still can remember vividly in manga version.  I re-watch everything and found that it is awesome! So I blog about it since I finished my report, and halfway doing my presentation for next week. uurghh! Feeling of being a secondary school student is much more better than a university student !

This is Natsu Draganeel. He is awkwardly funny at certain time. He has the motion sickness too, like me! I hate sitting on the plane, car, plane, for long hours. At least, I don't get motion sickness cycling. I will be dead then. So, his character is very cool because he can burn ! He has fire+dragon power which reminds me of Claire's mum in Heroes. That will be just too fascinating if I have fire power !

Another cool character who always strip without any reason. He has ICE power and always fight non-stop with Natsu. Well, he has the manly side to me :) and I kinda like him more than Natsu though :P

This is Erza Scarlet. She is perfect! pretty, powerful and smart. Wow~ I love her ! She depicts the character that I want to be in life ! <3 How wonderful if I can become her. And she can transform very fast ! awwwwww

This is bad/good guy Jellal. His name is unique and I like him too. I think I like too much characters. He is strong and survived for umpteen times. I am still watching , and I don't know what happen in the ending yet :(

Lastly, Lucy Heartfilia! What a sexy bitch she is. woopps! She has a lot of keys and can open Spirits to help her to battle ! Yay :D

Well, I can't blog about everyone in fairytail because it is just too much or maybe I am lazy.. hehehe. Enjoy watching fairy tail ya ! tata !!


Vyvy said…
LOVE this anime!! :D

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