first attempt in sushi king

Well, it was not that bad after all because it made me really full despite the expensive-ness of the prices. I spent RM22.00 for all. It was very expensive for me because I can spend below RM5 for a dinner. That was like 4 dinners!

Tuna :D RM 3 Actually there are few more sushi that I tried but I forget to take photo of it because it was too tempting that I forget to take picture :D

This is called Edi don bla bla bla.. I can't remember but it's fried prawn (my favourite) and some fried vegetables. I love the rice so much !!

miso soup. I thought it was the ketchup with plain water because it tasted just like that.
 It was fun eating there, I wish I could go again and eating non-stop. LOL but I get full so easily. Well, I must make my second trip :)

Perhaps with my mum :]

My friend ate this.. Looks so tempting. It's actually hard boiled egg and some crab sticks strands. 


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