life as a student

Well, it was my dinner for Friday night :O I was lazy to go out for dinner because all my friends finished their classes at 4pm, 5 pm. and I ended my class at 6pm. Sucks. So I cycled back and on my way back, I went to the mini store and bought a loaf of bread, red bean buns, junk food! and also this thing; korean cup instant noodle.

I just took it and went to the cashier without looking at the price labelled. WOW. Guess what ?

look at the price! RM3.80 =.=

The price for that one cup! omfg. so expensive. I'm not in financial crisis or what but I just don't want to waste unnessasary money because money is hard to earn. My mum always ask me to eat eat eat, if no money already, remember to call up ask dad to bank in money. ZZzzz.

Guess what ? The taste was not that bad after all. Taste great but I almost choked by the strands of MEEEE! Lol. It's pretty nice but a little bit too spicy. I get sweaty eating that.

* * *

So, my scholarship ceases. I would never get it back T_T Haizzzz.

Yesterday , suddenly our foundation studies director suddenly came into our organic chemistry lecture. He was giving out a certificate to my friend. She got a 3.85 gpa for last semester. It was incredibly awesome. I was hoping to be the one who walks out and get the certificate. My parents would be so proud of me. But that's dreaming.

Aren't dreams suppose to be true?

The friends that I met here, always the awesome (good in studies) ones. Why God is so cruel to me.. lol

I was wearing my camp shirt and this is me :D maybe I should get some hair treatment sooner or later ! YAY chinese new year is coming! I'm so excited to be back ;)

btw, my circles of friends are getting bigger and bigger, I hope I can remember their names well though because my name is so easy to remember and always a target for lecturers. Zzz.


saltvinegar said…
Nong Shim noodles? I love them cos they're super duper yummy, but stopped eating them due to the supposed ban for investigation of the product a few months ago. I suppose everything is ok since i see every supermart in town selling them.
Aiko chan said…
omg really ?! i think I won't buy it again .. >< good to know that

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