rainy night !

So, I did not get back my biology exam today because i don't know why. So, I escaped the death today.

Well, it was raining heavily and me and my dearest friends got caught in school. So, we was strolling around waiting for the rain drops to end their journey. We ended up in tutorial room, doing our homeworks.

But hey! the rain stopped! and we quickly unlocked our bicycle and started to cycle~~~
but hey! in the middle of enjoying the fucking cold breeze which blew right into my fucking face, motherfuckercibaishitbullshitanything I SAW A MOTHER BULL AND A BABY BULL grazing grasses ! ZZZZ fuck, i shouted like a mad naked banana

THAT MOTHER BULL WAS FUCKINGLY HUGE! At least I don't fell off from the bike. To tell the truth, I have some kind of animal-phobia. I don't like animal....cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits, monkeys... but I am not till the extend that I would torture them using high heels or waht..just they are not my thing. Due to certain incident that I encountered when I was small where only my family members know it. I never tell anyone about this . Not even my best friend , I guess

opps! sorry for too much ... bad words.


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