show u some mercy

I know this is stupid, but I am having fun with my double tea from McDonald's !
blek :P

See my shoulder length hair ? I'm waiting for it to be long so that, I can....... cut off.


I won't be visiting saloon to do anything on my hair for about two months. I guess, my hair will be longer by next year :)

p/s: My god, the tea is so..overrated :/ so bitter ! sugar sugar ! I think I am not going to drink coffee anymore becaue few days ago, after I drank a cup of coffee made my myself, and then few days after that, I had a pimple at my cheek ! Shit la, sometimes I really really want to drink coffee because it just too hard to resist. Blame on the caffeine! haizzzzz. My friend/housemate love coffee so much.


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