I'm terrified by the biology exam just now. Feeling so uneasy because I know I did so badly in Test 1. I cried in my room silently without anyone noticing. This is so, suck because I never cry over my exams even if I did it badly. It was the very first time. I don't know why, I just have to cry.

I have messed up everything that I learnt. ZZzz so depressed that I did not memorise back part of the revision. Now, it is no use to regret. What is done, is meant to be done. So, I cannot cry over that, because it is so uncool!

I tell myself not to cry anymore, because it is no use! I better do my test BETTER for tomorrow. Never waste a single minute not thinking anything. Shit!!!! I just hate the teacher who set up this question. VERY HATEEEE!


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