why ?

Have you ever wondering why you are always keen on wanting to know things happening to a person ? Because you are not near, that's why you want to know so much. It's curiosity. I have been curious about so much things lately and I don't know when this is going to stop. Or will it ever stop ?

Life has been normal and semester two already started and going to get busier and busier for the next few weeks. I think I had cured my homesick. I feel better during semester 2. Do you know why ?
Every time I feel like homesick, I think about me, going to finish this semester and get to go home =) It might sounds weird, but it works on me very well.

When I think about going home, I feel so excited as well as excited to finish my semester 2 very well-ly. Which means good grades =) Then, I will feel so good to do my works better.

So, we have this subject called " Effective Communication Skills " for my foundation. Two more weeks I am going to present individually with 5 minutes speech. I would say that I am quite happy to do this rather than exams. Now, I am cracking my brain cells to figure out what topic should I choose since there is no limitation.

While the lecturer was still bluffing about the whole thing, I was thinking about something. Something that really me. It was sad, but I am not going to talk about it.

haha. I sounds mysterious huh? :P

well, I might come out with topic regarding my hobby or my personal experience?
Let's leave it to my brain to do the work =)


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