yellow belt :D

Tomorrow is Monday. When Monday is coming, it's schooling time ! I do think that university life is rather busier than secondary school because you just have to study from morning till evening. Isn't it bad ?

Thinking back when I was in high school, I schooled until at least 1.30 pm and can head home after that if you don't have any activity in the afternoon. Back then, the first thing that I did when I was back from school would be sleeping! I would take a nap and then wake up to have my lunch and do my revision. When night comes, I would go for tuition. That's all.

University is a whole different thing where you don't have tuitions and you only have lecturers who pointed middle finger to you. LOL.

Actually everything is decided by your own. Managing your own time. Freedom everywhere. No worries. Too much freedom not a good thing too because you don't know what to do.

So tomorrow I'm going back to my tae kwon doo training session :D
I need some exercise seriously to get my ideal weight 45kg! Alright, got to go! pack my bag and head off to bed !


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