4 things that I have not try yet

1. Dye-ing my hair.

Well, I have a black hair. I finished my ass pee am last year and now taking foundation in science semester 2. One more semester, and I am going to semester 3! So, I haven't been trying to change my hair colour. Most of my friends, they are having so many colours on their head. Brown, purple, red etc. I'm still staying black :(

2. Having a boyfriend.

Oh this hot topic. My friends after they finish their form five lives, suddenly they have so many hot news. Who gone with who, who and who. Some even married. For me, I'm still well, hahahhahah. Hormones are raging inside my body though.

3. Travel to the place I study by myself.

Hmm, I went to this new place with my mum and then went back together with a friend during semester break. So, basically I have not try to be alone going here and there. This will be challenging and a brand new experience to me.

4. Go to pub.

Lols, this is just another random one that pops out in my head. I don't really want to go pub. Oh, sorry, I think I went once but not for the sake of drinking alcohols but to go to its toilet. We were celebrating my friend's birthday outside a bistro where I ate black pepper lamb chop!


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