halloween ?

I live in a place where Halloween is not celebrated by the people. But I encountered few zombies today. It was biology lecturer and my lecturer was talking and talking in front. Suddenly, from the two back doors in the lecture hall, came two rows of zombies. Wtf. I was scared to death. I know I'm lying because I'm still alive. Wtf. So, these so-called zombies walked down the hall, and giving out flyers about the halloween event that is coming soon. I'm not looking forward to that kind of event because I think it's super boring and useless. So, I wish everyone happy halloween too! even though I don't know the significance behind the event. Treat or trick ? ahahah. So, school treated me nice. I love it. I love the way I walked in my heels confidently and spoke in front of the people. I love the feeling even though there's nervousness. I did not expect other tutorial groups people are coming to see my class presentation. I was feeling over-excited at first. Well, they came to support the first presenter in my class. Woah. He taught us how to be happy. He was there too. LOL and when he asked " Do you guys feel happy ? " Everybody was like YESSS ! lol. but he still go on the way to be happy. I asked my lecturer to comment about my presentation. After I finished presenting, he asked me where did I come from. So, I said sarawak. haha, so he said " yeap! Sarawakian accent"

Lol, after that, I heard the most outrageous comment about my presentation. " Well, your marks quite high. One of the highest marks " Yippiiiee :D I went to the toilet twice before I presented. Twice! The second time, I was praying in the toilet for giving me the great courage to do my presentation. That was awesome. I walked out of the toilet, and suddenly all my nervousness was gone. I did my best. I tried to walk around in front of them and it turned out to be quite fun, as I continue talking.

So, now. I wanted to thank God so much for giving me the courage to do this. I am happy :)


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