Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Today,I can't wake up early in the morning...

Yes, I set up my alarm at 6 am in the morning. My class starts at 8 am. I know it is a lot earlier for me to wake up. But, hey. it did not work at all.

I took one hour to wake up. I was able to wake myself up by 7am. I kept snoozing the alarm for every 3 mins. I am a lazy bitch... Well, actually waking up at 7am was not so late. I took 15 minutes to bath. 15 minutes to set up my bag and it was just 7.30am. Then I used another 10 minutes sitting on my bed doing nothing. It 7.40 am. So, I headed off to school. I would be reaching school, in about 20 minutes. So, I always go to classes on time :)

Haha, not bad after all~ Maybe this is how to use time wisely. You don't feel not getting enough sleep, and you are not late for class. Hmmmm~

Actually this happens everyday......not only today :O


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

hahaha... I start working at 9.30am.. and I set my alarm at 8.15am... but I let it snooze until 8.45 then only I wake up and bath... haha.. this is human nature... Even if we don't have the snoozing function, i think we'll still re-set the alarm with our eyes half awake...

Jacy said...

hahaha right >,< i don't know why I can't wake up.... if something can trigger me to wake up for school such as... wanting to see certain people in sch.. i definitely will wake up~~~~

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