I took a rest.

I take a rest from doing mathematics exercises.

When you found that someone denies you, don't hesitate to be sad over it because it's nothing after all. He is just the bad guy that never appreciate what's in front of him. Don't ever feel like going emotional for him, because it tires you for no reason.

He just don't know what's the best in you. I never like anyone else like anyone else. Because what you did, I like. Is that wrong ? It is wrong to like someone who protected you like no other people did ?  Liking doesn't mean I have to love you and be in some kind of relationship with you. Did I tell you that I like you ? wtf.

I wanted to stay like usual as it would be. Chatting, laugh out loud ?

Why do you want to make things complicated ? Now that, you ruin everything. You said very mean things to me. I FEEL THE SHARP BLADE THAT YOU STAB INTO MY HEART even though you are so far away than me. I FEEL IT very much. No one, has really said very hurtful words to me. Not my parents either or my brothers or sister. Even my friends who tease me, doesn't hurts like how you HURT me.

Now, don't worry. As you say, you don't want me to bug you anymore. As you wish, I deleted your phone number because you said, I was constantly messaging you. Now, I don't have your number. So, I unfriend you at facebook so that I would not stalk you anymore. I hope you can block me too, so that I can't find you in facebook anymore. What else did I do? Oh, I unfollow your blog and I won't be able to keep up with your track. I hope you can change the link too because I won't be able to find your blog anymore as you wish. And I unfollow you on twitter too. Oh, I still didn't block you from msn because I want you to block me. Something that can't be erased, oh. the very little memories. I hope time can solve it.

So, I was the fat and ugly girl that keep going to his blog that he mentioned earlier. That hurts me even more when I realised it. Well, I forgive what you said and what you did, because I just have to forgive u. It's not your fault after all. Or maybe, I'm not the perfect girl that you are searching for. zzzzzzzzzz

If you are reading this post now, I want to apologize for stalking and taking your time all this while. It was all wrong from the beginning. It was wrong for the past 2 years. I hope you read this, even if you're not =.="

oh, I have to do my maths exercises again.

Lastly, before I leave, I hope haha, you can do well in whatever shit you are doing because I am going to do better !


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