it's late night

Plugged in the earphone into my laptop. Opening, the new song entitled " A Thousand Years ". I have been listening to this song these few days. Very soothing and country-ness. Actually it's the song in Breaking Dawn. Ohmyohmy, breaking dawn part 1 is coming out soon! My friends are bubbling about it everyday on facebook. This is insanity. Teen movies :D Well, I like to watch too ! Hehe, Bella marrying Edward ? I think, Jacob is better than Edward. Opps! I'm with team Jacob though. Hahaha! Even though he's a werewolf. I don't care :P

Tomorrow it's Organic Chemistry test! I already studied for two days and I hope everything that I studied, are out though. Sn1, Sn2, E1, E2..... and so on..

Very entertaining song.. Hmm, I'm still listening to it. You guys must try listen to that song! Anyway, I put up some new features on my blog. Like when you right click, it says something there. Try it out! And, the colourful bling blings when you hover the links :D I wanted to add the page numbers, but it turned out corrupted. Lol, I was lazy to do it all over again. So, maybe leave it for next time.

Alright, good night peeps! One more follower to 60! Who's the lucky one? :)


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