Monday, November 14, 2011


See the mouse, was screaming for help?! haha. Anyway, the mouse was already subconscious? It might wake up anytime, and found out that it's organs are being....... taken out! >.<

In the lab today, something outrageous happened. 16 white mouses went to heaven. Omg. I'm not trying to say mouses are cute, actually I hate mouse, all types of animals. I don't like animals neither I hate them.I would not kill them without purpose, or what, just no feelings. That's all. Like my feelings towards Justin BB. haha. He is not a mouse btw. I just have no feeling to them. Somehow, felt pitiful to them.Awwwww~

Dissection kit that my partner borrowed from her housemate. It costs RM 38 for one!

Anyway, that is my first time dissecting a mouse. Back then, I was supposed to dissect something when I was in form 5. Teacher promised us, but he didn't make it :( We pleaded him, but he just did not O=

Well, I did it today! Haha, pretty fun though. I like to do the cutting of the skin, off the thin membrane (quite thick also) that cover the whole organs. Hmmmm, nothing else to say.

Alright, revision! Bye!


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