See the mouse, was screaming for help?! haha. Anyway, the mouse was already subconscious? It might wake up anytime, and found out that it's organs are being....... taken out! >.<

In the lab today, something outrageous happened. 16 white mouses went to heaven. Omg. I'm not trying to say mouses are cute, actually I hate mouse, all types of animals. I don't like animals neither I hate them.I would not kill them without purpose, or what, just no feelings. That's all. Like my feelings towards Justin BB. haha. He is not a mouse btw. I just have no feeling to them. Somehow, felt pitiful to them.Awwwww~

Dissection kit that my partner borrowed from her housemate. It costs RM 38 for one!

Anyway, that is my first time dissecting a mouse. Back then, I was supposed to dissect something when I was in form 5. Teacher promised us, but he didn't make it :( We pleaded him, but he just did not O=

Well, I did it today! Haha, pretty fun though. I like to do the cutting of the skin, off the thin membrane (quite thick also) that cover the whole organs. Hmmmm, nothing else to say.

Alright, revision! Bye!


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