my dad goes travelling again...

He is going to travel again! This time it is India. Last year, he went to Cambodia, Vietnam etc. So fun! He left us here ! I heard it from my mum, dad is going to leave on 22 november if I am not mistaken. By the way, my dad super like to travel. The last time he brought us out of the country was when I was form 1, year 2006 to Guilin, China. I don't quite remember about the details, where I went because it was long time ago. I only remember when I was using the super thick jacket to cover me from the coldness ! And I was very young that I don't know how to enjoy :(

Thinking back, I was pretty lucky for being able to go out of the country. Another time was, I think it was during form 3, again, he brought us to Thailand! Bangkok! That time, I was pretty smart already. I know how to shop, buy stuffs and so on. And my brother was super duper like to buy shirts. Zzz. The shirts were not ordinary, but branded! Zzzzz

It was pretty fun too although it was HOT! Now, everyone were busy with their lives. Little sister and brother are going to have their SPM and PMR next year. Big brother and I were in universities where so much work need to be done. I know it will be very hard for me to go for holiday with my family! :(

I hope he brought back some gifts for us! But I don't want bullshit though >.<


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