oh well.

I ate roller coaster sweet and spicy again. Not good not good. Not a good sign at all. So, biology test is over now, next is inorganic chemistry. I really want to screw the notes into my head. Shit lar, so many mechanisms need to be memorised. I hate it!

So, I am doing an outline, " City life VS Country life ". which one you would prefer ? Well, I want to live in the middle....

2012. new year resolution ? Getting Samsung Galaxy S, Nikon 1 J1 (pink one).

I can't stand my friends holding touchscreen phones, scrolling, touching, loving, dropping...
Burningly hot needle poking through my, eyes. urgh. How hurtful it is.

Roller coaster is so sweet and spicy ! Love it ~ I haven't been eating any "keropok" since the last few weeks.


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