I am so so so so so happy today ! You know what, I love being happy! HAHAHAH! who doesn't ? xD So the story was, I GOT 27/30 for my biology test ! This is awesomeeeee! I could not believe this when I did my test. aha, I was hoping for higher marks. zzz. God: STOP BEING GREEDY JC! alright, I really want to thank everyone for giving me this courage although no one really give my courage, because the courage comes within myself. Of course, without God, I still get a 0 there. The most awesome thing is, my lecturer said " not bad huh, not bad, and he smiled :D " I was tremendously excited and felt so grateful! This is very very thankful! I have not tell my mum yet because she did not call me :( Anyway, I felt good though. I was awarded the chance of having the same mark as my other friend (even though I don't know whether she take me as friend) , the one that always so pro in anything. Haha, I love today !

But now my stomach is bloating because I drank too much water :(


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