yay , all done!

So, now, enjoying my tauhu fa as my dinner while I'm blogging. I just came back from school and my 5 mins presentation ! I know I can't control my feelings well but at least I still manage to do so without bringing any troubles to my presentation.

It was an individual presentation with free topic. I was used to speaking in front of people when I was in form 5 but this time, it's whole different thing. I spoke to the members by just bringing out the message to them, encourage them to win something. That's all, it's easy, anyone can do that.

So I wore my super uncomfortable heels, maybe because it's cheap and stood in front of the many people and my lecturer. It was not as nervous as jumping off the cliff. I did not know that he will be there =.="

haha. actually it goes smoothly but I was too emotional when I started my speech because I was touching on something really really sad that really gives a huge impact towards my life.

Now, I'm all free from whatsoever. But I have to keep revising because exams are waiting ! I definitely don't want to get low marks anymore. I met new friends too ^.^


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