yay! rainie yang!!

Obviously another drama that I'm watching. Another rainie yang drama! I watched this long time ago and did not continue watching it because the starting was epic-ly woaaah! But then recently, I continue watching it again because Rainie is inside!

I watched most of her drama except the one she acted with wu chun. I don't think it's nice, maybe I'll try watching it someday. Anyway, I think this drama is quite nice. Throughout the drama ( I watched till ep 11 only right now) sometimes, certain words they said really make sense to me. That's why I love to watch drama. The words they said, are arrange very well and meaningful of course.

As I grow older, 18 and 3 months ! I get to know more about life. Life, is a very fragile thing. I can sense that I'm growing up ! Haha, I get to understand more things easily. I get to feel the way other people feels. I get to know more things la~~ Haha..

Anyway, this drama is awesome, i don't know the ending yet, but Rainie is so cool! Let me share with you one of my favourite line " 如果你觉得不甘心,那就不是要放弃的时候!”

I don't know whether it's the exact line, but something like that. Which means if you don't feel content over something, then it is not the time to give up.

Hehe, like I don't feel contented over my last semester result, that's why it is not the time to give up :D

It can be some kind of motivation to me though. Oh, I'm gonna stick it on my lappy ! yes!


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