fading away...

I found that recently when my mum called me, we had very little conversation. I don't know why. Before this, during semester 1, I had many many many conversations with my mum everyday. I guess I think of home very much.

Now, it is a little bit different. I don't think of home so often that sometimes I cried (it happened during semester 1 but not anymore). Because I already started to like here. I can adapt to this environment (sleeping with no air cond) as the time goes by. I think this is a good thing. I don't know what to talk to my mum since it's very boring here, other than study, there is no other stuff.

She called just to make sure I am alive, but I know the love is there :)
Mind to mind interaction. woah.

Love doesn't have to be expressed in words. It's some kind of invisible strings that will eventually connect the hearts. ( what am I bluffing about !? ><)

Alright, I know finals are coming and I'm in stress mode. I sincerely hope that next year comes faster ! gambateh! lesser update from me after today :(

I don't feel like entering third semester because I need to face physics again T_T

p/s: there's a guy that caught my attention though !LOL


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