i am a little bit sick

Hey readers. I am about to tell you the most imporatant thing in my life. Have you ever wonder if who really cares about you ? Your friends, families ? I have an answer to that. Let me just continue my story first.

I was feeling very unwell in the morning. I felt like vomiting but there was nothing in my stomach. So, I did not vomit. I bathed and went off to school. Little did I know that I was having a very high fever until I was back in my room in the evening. Actually my friend suddenly touched my forehead when we finished the class. She told me I was having a fever. Maybe she sensed a series of hotness vaporise out from my body when she was sitting next to me. hmm.

I felt so hot that I almost burn myself. I dozed off without bath, or having my dinner. Suddenly my mum called me and I told her that I was having fever. She got so nervous and asked me to do this and that. Well, I could not possibly remember what she said because I was blurry that time. So I just said yes yes and yes. LOL

Anyway, I continued my sleep after that. Haha. I looked around the room, feeling uberly lonely with the lights off. blah.

Alright, I don't know what to say right now but the only thing that I realise is family is very important wherever you are. Friends aren't that important, don't you think so ? (Don't feel offended if you are my friend who is reading this right now :) Merely just a saying that I think for the moment) They could be just the people that walk in and out of your life. They might stay with you for years, but one day they shall leave.

Thank God that I am feeling better right now :)

p/s: my first time feeling extremely unwell in the months that I left home. This is so challenging. At least, I did not die in my room though :O Ohmygod, I survived !


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