I made an experiment on myself.

I cut myself using the knife to verify that my blood is red. It turned out to be true!

Uh-oh. Sorry that is definitely not the experiment I did. It was a shocking statement to lure readers to read my blog post. Succeeded ? i don't know :]

I was cleaning my face just now and GUESS what. WOWOWO! three newly and freshly pimples popped out from my face! This is not a happy thing even though I sound so happy right now. Because I just finished my organic chemistry revision. So terrible and stressful. well well well.

Oh right back to the main point. I drank a cup of coffee in the morning and I had my second day menses. It's usual for me to have few pimples before my menses arrive. But today, I already had a few pimples and just now, I saw the pimples popping out one by one!! omfg. Nolah, I just noticed it. It doesn't occur in a matrix motion though. Lol. I would push it back in if it does. Oh, I also ate junk food too.

Oh the point is, I want to tell to the whole nation especially girls please do not drink coffee during your menses time or if can, please stay away from COFFEE and JUNK FOOD.

Telling myself to stay away from JUNK FOOD and COFFEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From top left to right and bottom left to right.

Of course it is not so clear here. Over the years, my face... I have no pimples when I was in form 1, 2, 3... form 4 , starting to get more pimples on my forehead. Form 5, still pimples like to accumulate on my forehead. Now, the pimples invade my cheeks which I really want to shit at them. Last second photo was not so obvious because it's edited. All I can find in my laptop.
So I have a very terrible day today because pimples are invading my life!!!!! Very very saddening....how I wish to have a face like....


YOOOONNAAAAAA from GG. She is damn pretty and I don't care whether she's a plastic or what because the main point is that SHE IS GOD DAMN PRETTYYYYY!!

I am not even 0.1% of her. shit. I have to eat cucmber starting from now.. fresh cucumber...... lol. At LEAST the rest part of my body is free from that thing. I'm so glad...

overly stressed out now. Need to get some rest. Good night ! ^^ I hope my face recover by tomorrow.....

I also found out that Omega 3 oil is good for skin. My mum brought me a LOT to here but I never bother to eat it.... i still have two boxes with 4 plates each...one box cost RM160. shit, so expensive. I can buy few shirts with that money.. Anyway, my mum cares for me though and I appreciate it.

From now on, I would eat two pills per day . bye.


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