all are well

on the way to Butterworth for shoppings!

Finals are done and I am home ! Yahooo~ This is very wonderful because I get to sleep for hours and no more books to face every morning every night~ This is not going to be a very organized post but mostly it is all about my trip in Kedah + Butterworth.

waiting for my fried char kuey tiao ! RM3.10 plus egg. Taste nice and ordinary for me. hehe.

The thing that really shock me was, about the highway. My friend's dad could possibly drive at 150kmh! I was f***ingly scare in the car! Zzz. And I don't really enjoy much because most of the time I was having carsick and a little bit dizzy all the time. That spoiled my mood to shop and look around.

I love this one! I ate it in kampar too! This is called, " lou mai gai " which actually is chicken and glutinuos rice. Extremely worth to try out! 

31st of december I was in somewhere butterworth there. It was near the beach where I could see the fast and furious development on Penang Island. Right around 12 am or 11.59 pm I could hear the crackling and firing of the fireworks. Actually fireworks don't fascinate me after all because I think it's so boring... I have been watching fireworks for 18 years and it was all the same pattern. lol. Anyway, it was my first time counting down for new year :) rather boring all I can say :S heheh

char kuey tiao ! it was just a small portion.....for RM 3.10
 There is nothing else that is needed for me to explain, so I guess I'll stop here~ hehehe. Let the pictures do the talking !

This is a temple and a lots of stalls around it where people selling new year stuffs. I bought my pasar malam bag here ! PINK one! Let me show you the pic later on~

Don't know what happen to this photo. ZZZzzz

This is actually lamp. They use plastics to make the shape. Very creative :D They have blog too, but I forget what's the url.

giant french fries from Oldtown ! Super exp for me :@

Yogo Goyo :D it's so lovely inside the ice cream shop! Everything is so pink! and a good place for couples to chill out~

My ice cream. I know this picture look a bit funny because you cannot see any sign of ice cream in it. Sorry about that but this cost me RM10.70 :! I put too many longans, that's why it's overload T_T

Oh ya, all the photos are taken with my phone camera and sorry for the over edited photo and ugly resolutions.. :S

Anyway, Happy belated new year ! May God Bless ya and have a great days ahead !!


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