dude, please stop talking

Today I met a very annoying guy. Not to say annoying la, just don't really like it.

It was the guy sitting beside me on the PLANE! You know ?!?! AIRPLANE!! When airplane comes to my mind, all I know about is, air sickness, dizzy, and vomiting. The feelings can't be cured even though I went on plane for umpteen times already. That's why I can't be a pilot or stewardess :(

Skip that, the main thing is, the guy, I can't figure it out how many years old he is, but all I KNOW is that he keep talking to me like wtf.

I can't ignore him, because it will be rude. Making me feeling very uncomfortable the whole time. I should be sitting next to my friends !!!

Oh ya, I met Charlene from st columba and also Atira. We were boarding the same plane to KL. Charlene is going to study medicine in Taylor's. Haha, I have so many future doctors friends.

* * *

I just woke up from nap. Uh-oh, tonight going to TESCO to refill my stuff.

Why my mum brought so many things for me to eat ?!?! NANI?!!?! I said I want to lose weight !!  >.<


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