failed culinary.

This time I am going to post something interesting! It's about food ! Hehe. Today is Sunday and I did some cooking. I cleaned my room and went downstairs to do the cooking. Hehe. Guess what did I make today !

Scroll scroll and look at the photos! EGGS ! scramble eggs. Actually I was trying to make egg rolls ! Unfortunately, I messed up the whole thing it turn out to be scramble eggs :(

I thought I can make a heart shaped egg rolls ! T_T

Let me share my experience with you guys . Hmm ;D

Cucumber and carrot.

What's this without eggs ? Papa mama brother and sister. LOL I am going to break u guys!!!!! HUAHAUHAUHAUHAUAH

Crab stick ~ My favourite hehhee

yum yum yum~ 

You have to cut them into small pieces. I was lazy, this is quite big in real. Took me half an hour to cut all these.

the eggs are out from their shells!! so happppy hehehe.

yay ! all the ingredients are ready, now waiting for the time to add everything.

lala lala~~ veges~~~ hehehe

crabsticks!! yay! stir is using spoon to mix everything~

A teaspoon of salt! xianxian~

taddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ frying eggs on the pan~ make sure the oil u use are not in contact with any water! Make sure your pan is dry to avoid fireworks !

tadaaaaaaaa scramble eggs! ;D
I was actually turning the eggs over to make it like a roll, but it ended up that the eggs are so hard to turn over! T_T I have no choice but to just scramble them or else, it burnt. huhuh.

Anyway, the taste was not so good because... I don't know why. Zzz. How I wish I could make something really nice and tasty ....

So that's my awesome experience in making heart shaped egg rolls. You can find videos on youtube. They make everything so easily! In real, when you try to do it yourself, omg super hard T_T

Now then I really salute those on youtubes that can make them so perfectly ! How I wish to have skills like them .


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