i am wondering

2012 New Year Resolution:

I want to get 45kg by 2013.

Alright. Have you ever wonder what if , I mean what if, you have a cancer and you are about to die ? Have you ever wondering that ?

I have.

Oh, that is not a good feeling though. Zzz.

Two more days to be back to jail!!!!! Terribly SAD ! don't like at all! Because if I AM THERE, IF I'M NOT STUDYING MEANS I'M SLEEPING, IF I'M SLEEPING THEN I'M NOT STUDYING. MY LIFE IS SO SADDDDDDDDDDDDDD AND DULLLLLLL that's why I don't like going back to my university. Full of stressssssssssssssssss if you don't study, you are really going to FAIL and when u FAIL u become even more stress and if you stress u HATE THAT PLACE!!!!!

but i have no choice, life goes on`````

Then I need few more months to be back home T_T even though there is nothing special here after all.


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