Koala Kiss tagged me !

1. What is your favourite food ?
  Mum's cooking! I still can't decide what is my favourite because there are too many of them !
2. What do you do if you're alone in the house ?

  Do some cooking and online ! sleep etc.
3. What is your dream job?

  No job at all. HAHAH!
4. Which one you prefer, brown or blonde?

  brown! I'm not into blonde though cause it doesn't suit me :S
5. What did you do in your holidays?

  Blogging, chatting, eating, helping out, online-ing.
6. What is your worst experience ever?

  Being trapped in a week's camp and suffered of homesick.
7. What is your sweet memory in 2011 that you like the most?

  Hmm. Not feeling disappointment when I got my SPM result.
8. What kind of fashion do you like?

  Any, as long as it looks good on me. hehe.
9. Long or short hair?
  Long! short hair makes me fat....
10. Normal contact lenses or big circle lenses?

  I don't wear lenses :]
11. Why do  you answer this tags?

 For the sake of answering :D Anyway it's fun though.


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