not branded but it's full of love~

Sorry about the emotional posts before this. I think I was having pms. Zzzz. Anyway, I promised to blog about my first and new bag that I purchased few weeks ago. The PINK bag :D Let me show you the photo! Yay! I did not spend much on my cny clothes. Not really into buying clothes recently.

Tadaaa~~ My lovely pink bag :) from night market in Butterworth I think ! RM 32

Forgetting to introduce my new flat ! RM 59.90 zzzzz !!!!! exp!!
Being a 163cm girl is actually my pride. I am not the kind of girl who always dress up themselves like a doll when you just want to go out and have your breakfast at the nearest cafe. I could probably use my home clothes ( clothes that I wear at home, usually very ugly and dull ) to go out and eat.

Last cny, I did not even buy many things. I know I did not buy myself a new shoes. So, this year I got myself one! Pampering myself >.< I was using 1 hour to shop for two shorts and a pair of shoes. Great.

oh, Semester 3 started two days ago. so boring :S Not in the mood of studying because it's 4 days before reunion dinner ! I am going to treasure every moment with my family especially my mum dad brothers and sister before leaving for a 3 months camp again!!!!

This time, I am going to study study and study again!! Never giving up !!!!!

p/s: I can't wait for programming concepts practical class in my school computer lab!!


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