Thank God

Oh yeah.

Before I proceed please leave comments by congratulating me!!

OH my God.

I .....

actually ...

got a satisfying result!!!! OMGGGGG

I got a 3.4044 gpa for this trimester. I was too ashame of myself last trimester because I got a 2.8 gpa only. this is shittttttt

BUT this time I got a 3.4 !!! omg, I am damn happy even though I expect to get 3.67. Zzzz.

BUT unfortunately for cgpa, I only afford to get 3.1 T_T

Anyway, I really glad that I made it.

I made a conclusion based on my results. So, if I want to get an A, my coursework mark need to be around, 40+/50. dafaqqq

that is so hard. anyway, more to go on this coming semester !!!!!!

ohya, my 2012 new year resolution is to lose weight !!!!!!!! I must get 45kg by 2013.


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