Another accomplishment ! Hehe, I went to The Face Shop! XD and spent around rm 90.

Pictures time !

The paperbag :D

I bought these because I want to be the member by spending above rm80


here comes the main one :) hehe, I got this cleanser and going to try it out tonight !

and the toner ! Actually I want to get the toner for the same series as the cleansing one. But it's out of stock but I desperately want to get myself a toner. So the helper says, this toner is also good for oily skin too. So I got it then.

freebies ~
That is all about The face shop. I hope it's good for me ~~

These are the stuffs that I bought using the government RM200 voucher. I spent all of it but  of course it's not all in this picture though. Mine costs around RM 140 + and the balance I gave it to my sister and cousin to use it. Hehehe.

Alright that's all. Sorry I am quite lazy for the messy post because I am too excited to try the new cleanser~



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