ash wednesday

A festival celebrated by christian.

I'm not even baptised and I really felt I'm not even a christian. I'm no one. My brother was baptised (he was the only one who baptised in my siblings!) when he was little and I did not :((((( whywhywhy?!?!

So sad. Anyway, I don't practise Christianity at home (I don't know, sometimes do when I am back in Sibu because all my cousins are catholics ! I should be too !) or here either but I believe in God.
I know it's very humiliating for me to say like this. I just don't have the gut :((( Sometimes I was thinking, am I really a catholic ? D:

Anyway, And so, today is Ash Wednesday. one month and few days before the arrival of Good Friday. I think I should do something so, I thought of this!

I would forbid myself from eating meat for until Easter arrives ! What a good solution.
I would repent myself from everything bad that I think, I do, whatever it is.

These days I have been a really really hypocrite, bad, proud, bad person :(

I don't want! I don't want!

So, I would not eat anything that is meat for example; chicken, pork, mutton, and so on. Fish and eggs is okay. Anyhow, I did not eat much chicken recently. Hehehe. I would try to treat everyone with sincere heart, and of course happily even though exams are around.

Repentance is the most important !


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