Two scoops of yam ice cream !! yay~~~~ I had this before I have my dinner LOL oh I gave the strawberry stick biscuits to my friends because I can't eat strawberry kind of stuff >.< I have been avoiding strawberry-product for years.

this yogurt drink is damn nice! I like it very much, except for the orange and strawberry flavour :/ so sad right, I can't drink or eat any strawberry stuff ever since I always got diarhea after I drank dutchlady strawberry milk when I was young. Strawberries? I can eat but I think my stomach can't accept it. That's why I dislike strawberry... 
I know my blog is getting boring and boring day by day. I'm sorry about that because I have no idea what I want to blog kabout. And, I removed the blog list from my page because this morning my blog got this malware detected when I visit my site. It said that someone else's blog was contaminated with virus, so I removed the girl's blog and everything is back to normal! hehehe

That's why, sometimes it's better to beware of this kind of thing. I don't want to lose my blog once's your hair being stuck in the blender... lol wth am I talking about..


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