I should do more good things..

Today I was outside the lecture hall waiting for invigilator to give permission to enter the hall. hmm, I was in the library for 6 hours and was constantly smiling at myself, I don't know why. Not because the physics is easy. Maybe I was dreaming.

Anyway that is not what I wanted to say. The main point is, I helped a girl ! She was rushing to somewhere and did not realise that she dropped her bus ticket ! I was the only one who saw it, I think everybody else was trying to memorise all the formulas and so on. I saved her !

Hahahahahaha. I quickly get the bus ticket and she was almost missing, but still, I was able to recognise her ! Hehehe. There were so many people there and I SCARED of losing her. I did my best and got to give back her bus ticket.

She said thankQ to me and I think it was the most most dearest thankQ that I ever heard ! Out of sudden, I felt so happy.. the real happiness that most people do not know....

So happy..so so happy. happier than you got 1million deposited into your account. Sooner or later, I must do something better than this to make myself happy !

Here's a song, my friend told me. I don't know why, the more I listen to it, the more emo I feeeeel. ZZzzzz

It doesn't feel this way yesterday :((((( yesterday was good!


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