Ya see there, I am a drenched and smelly cat! I'm a UTAR student from perak campus in Malaysia (BIG CAMPUS because u need at least 15 minutes to get out from the school gate). I am a chinese and nothing wrong with that. LOL, Okay basically 80% of the students here need to cycle to school if you want to attend classes. Well, you need and always need to attend classes because you will get prohibited from taking final exams if you exceeded 20% of the attendance. If not, you can't graduate, and you can't find work, and you can't find money, and you can't sleep well, and then you die..amen hahahah so, you need to go to school.

I, myself too is included. I have to cycle to school every morning because I just need to. So, the probability of getting home wet is always 70% (evening time). So, I AM WET CAT as you see in the photo above! SEE! my fringe is wet and I feel so cool xD

I'm not frustrated or what if I went home wet because this is the third trimester and I am used to it. But today was my first time kena rained in this semester. ahhaha. Not bad.

Alright, time to study ! Physics test tomorrow !!! bs.

p/s: you deserve a better one :|

You know my school has few koreans who is studying here. I saw them today and I think I'm in love with the girl! She was seriously, prettttiiiiiiyyyyyy omg. and I think she made eye contact with me. pfft. yiiiha!

P/S again: So the rental hike up to rm 250 from 240. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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