the moon that i have been looking at since...

Hello moon, I look out of the window and found you. You are so alone, indeed. Where are your friends ? You lovely tiny little stars which are so far apart from you. This is why you look bigger and brighter and sexier than others. Oh well, I have been looking at you for the eighteen years since I was born. Last time when I was young you hurt me, because I pointed at you. You cut my ears, I don't know why. I could not recall the painfulness you caused me. Maybe you was too kind, and took the memory of being in pain away from me. It was told by my mum, " If you point at the moon, you will get cut on your ears ". I challenged my mum because I was very naughty and did not trust the magical power you have. And my ear got, cut and rotten. I thought it was just a myth or does it say that, you cannot disobey your mum's words ?. But I survived, since that day on wards, I promised myself not to point at you anymore. Till now, I trust you. I did not point at you. I took your photo ! Happy moon !! I love you :D Now, I pray to you, all is well. May you unleash the magical power of yours. Pray for every human being living in this world, stay healthy and be kind :) and to all that is being too tired, almost out of breath, slow down, take a rest and wake up for a better and strong feeling of doing everything good, Smile !


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