Monday, February 27, 2012

new stuff!!

gomenasai this is my new scrub that i ordered online~ muahahhaaha! I'm going to use it twice a week lalallalalala

By the way, I cut my front hair by myself..very great.... the result is very great too!!!!!! zzz Let me show you.......
hahaha i still can't accept the fact that i have fringe...and don't feel like letting peo ple to see my fat face..



Jessy said...

hello Jessie! clinique scrub is good eh?

Jessie said...

erm.. im not sure, i just bought it but hell exp for me ~! will write review soon ~~~

v!vi@n said...

hey there, you have a new follower here :) yea, post the review...i wanna noe whether its good oso :) thanks

Jessie said...

vivian: thanks for following ya~~ yea yea maybe after one month :))

Wen Qi said...

Hey hey sweetie, I'm using this scrub. Nice! It's exp but worth :D

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