spam u with my photos

You know exams are coming.... I don't know why I still camwhoring in the room.... This is a little bit insane because it's night already.. Ghosts are luring around the blocks invisibly and I am ...doing 

weird stuffs for example , taking photos of myself... I don't know why in all the photos, my face LOOK SO BIG. wtf.

first shot! with my hair tied up ! I'm a bad girl.

become typical, quiet and decent daddy's girl!  but im not. HAHAHAHA. I JUST WANT TO SHOW OFF MY SHOULDER LENGTH HAIR ! I HOPE BY DECEMBER IT WILL BE LONGER (OF COURSE LOGICALLY IF I DONT CUT IT IT WILL)... The last time I cut my hair was last year May before I came here to study. It was definitely short. Owh, it's almost one year anniversary! Hopefully this year end, my dad bring us go somewhere holiday ~~~!!so that I can stroke my hair around and take pretty photos at beautiful places~~~~HAHAHAHA
My mum told me last year during christmas dad was planning to bring us for a holiday trip next year which is this year! Yaaaahooooooooooooo~ The last time we had holiday trip was during when I was in form 2 at Bangkok during cny that year. I don't think it's FUN because I almost die there because the AIR was so hot, hazy and polluted ! Of course, the best thing is being able to have lunch at a place where it is so high up in the sky. The restaurant was ultimately awesome because, it's situated at the highest floor eh where you have to go up by using lift, for around few minutes to reach there. You have to line up to go up because there are so many people ! So my dad did not bring us anywhere anymore after that because he just bought the whole shoplots together with my uncle.(and I think he become broke, but he still normal leh. zzz). Blame the company who want to sell off the shoplots just to get some money cause I heard they have financial problem. Anyway it's quite impossible because the company is not a SMALL but huge company! If you stay in miri, you won't be foreign to that company. THEY HAVE FREAKING HUGE HOUSES ON THE HILLS!!!!!Their logo is SY! I only remember the boss always treat me ice cream when I was little~~~I have not seen him for many years already, don't know why.  I am going to take photo for you to see how big their houses are! How wonderful if my dad gives me the money to buy Iphone. But he still go travelling but not with us. Instead, with his dearest teacher Zzzzzz

* * *

I searched the net, it was Baiyoke Hotel that I went 4 years ago. Go there and taste the feeling~ Anyway, I hope I can go somewhere cold this year . . . . it will be FUN to watch and play with snow ! But my mum don't like going to cold places.... :'(

Come back come back, don't go further ........ or else your dream will be vanished !!! T_T

Shit, before that, let me finish my foundation first !!!!!


Anonymous said…
testing testing aaa eeee ooooo uuuuuu
edmund ng said…
cold? pls come taiwan then.
hahahaa.. n u are an english blogger arh? nice to meet you. 1st time come in my blog, izzit? hahaa..
Jessie said…
edmund: yeah~~ I wish to ~~ but I don't think my mum wants to go cold places, erm, I'm a chinese and I know chinese and english as well. But my chinese ain't that good though :( yeah, first time to ur bloggie~ :)

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