Time has been running so quickly . . .

I suffocated! Everything was so dark that I could not even feel myself that I was alive. Probably God was punishing me for grumble up too many junk food. I could not see anything in front of me, but just a piece of darkness....  * * * Oh, it was just a dream. A dark dream. It was only 6.30 early in the morning. I keep snoozing my alarm every 3 minutes. It was probably the most annoying alarm in the world. I woke up with the hope that all the bacteria clinging on my throat will be gone. But, it was not what I expected. Now, I have sore throat with phlegm. Shit. Please don't make me getting a flu or fever soon. drinking water again*

Alright, today is Wednesday. Three reports are waiting for me. This is SHIT very SHIT. Due to certain stuff, my friends are separated from me. I was alone, looking at the unfamiliar faces (alright, I've seen them, but not that close). I felt awkward. (VERY) I don't know who to be with and who to talk with. So, I kept quiet.

Haha. Sounds like very emotional but NOT! I sat the second bench because, I don't know why. Next to me, not next, but QUITE far apart, there was a group of girls. I don't think they want me to be in. They are three, the maximum numbers for a group. I know that I have no position in the group, so, I could just keep quiet. Let the time solve my problem. So, I was lost, I walked out of the room feeling despair .......

well, before I walked out and felt sudden rush of EMONESS, someone called me. OH MY SAVIOR! hehe. Maybe God was sensing that I need a group!!! Thank God :D She asked me , are you alone ? I could say " umm, yea ? " It is just so obvious that I was alone.

Before I answered, or did i ? hummm, anyway, she asked me to join in her groups. Well, I am saved ! YAY! not alone ~~~~

Very cool.....well, well well, every semester I have different practical partners.

Alright, that's all about my stuff today :) How about yours ?? Did you guys encounter what had just happened to me ?? If yes, thumbs up! If no, still thumbs up!

Bye! I need to do my reportS, God Bless everyone ! ;D


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