bright and sunny friday !

Alright, I just took my bath and am preparing to go to school for two lectures and one tutorial. My class ends at 4pm. Hmm, not much to say, but I just slept for at least 10 hours if I am not mistaken. I slept at around 11pm.

Last night was too tired, very tired. I was reluctant to wake up this morning, I woke up at 5 am something and then dozed off again. I think I was dreaming, dreaming about my chemistry test where I did too much much MISTAKES. omfg.

This sucks a lot. I really need to memorise it WELL. shitshitshit. Blame on myself for not being serious in study ! zzz

When I am entering my degree, for the first trimester, I will strive for gpa higher than 3.3! MUST so that I won't be chasing chasing over the years. YES, that's my goal! MY GOALLLLL BLESS ME >.<

this is the roselle photo I got from the internet ! awesome right, red red one hahahah

Oh ya, yesterday I discovered one drink that my mum used to grind it and make it like juice! I  love it, because it tasted like ribena. PURE ONE. NO colouring added. The fruit is called roselle or 洛神果 I bought it from the carnival.

Finally I know the name of that thing, I need to tell my mum. My mum used to plant this before back home, but now, no more :( I just drank it yesterday and it brings back my memories! I WANT MORE!!! ><

p/s: to check whether colouring is added into certain drink, after you drink it, roll out your tongue and let your friend to see, see whether there's colouring or not. If the colour is really really DARK AND RED OR WHAT, it's colouring! but the roselle drink that I drank yesterday was pure, not colouring added because I only got mild red on my tongue. If colouring is added, it will be redder and redder cause the drink is so RED. hehehee~~ YUM YUM YUM <3


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