It's the end.

The hectic, tired, senseless life should stop. It stopped but another one is coming. Recently, I have been facing difficulties in the exam non-stop for many many weeks. I think that form 5 life was way better than current one. You see, you don't have to face exam every week but when you're in a university, you will be seeing stars every morning~ You have to stay up late just to study for the test, and if you don't, prepare to fail. Even if you study, and you still fail, that's normal because it just happened to me.

I have no idea why am I so dumb and dumb for failing my physics test 2. I demand for a HIGHER marks but hey NO. I only got 22 out of 50. wtf is that. I really angry at myself for being STUPID very very very much !

Anyway, I still feel sad for my test. No one can feel my feelings unless you're a GOD.

I need to stop being a moron. moron in test, I mean. I must get all B+, and at least an A in my final. So that I CAN FEEL PROUD OF MYSELF. LOL

Hmmm, maybe I should look at the positive side~ Think of my friends..who got lower marks than me, then I should be thankful. THANKFUL.

So, I start listening to high school musical song, it's nice once more! laaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaa~

Oh ya, this saturday I am going for an event held in my school. It's Earth Hour! I never go for this kind of event. Since mid terms are over(I DONT KNOW WHY THE HECK THEY CALLED IT MID TERM BECAUSE IT'S LIKE 3/4 OF THE WHOLE TRIMESTER, THEY FAILED THEIR MATHS pfft) so I decided to ask my friends to join with me ! They agreed! It's on saturday night ^^

Photos soon~~~ happy happy +sad sad=feeling-less

p/s: I feel like eating one whole box of ice cream..............................


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