new watch!

Although it's not a branded watch, but I am still so proud to display it here !! Hhahahah, which is the new watch ? Few days ago, I mean last week, I dropped my watch from a 1 meter high table. Plang!, I took the watch and looked at it. It cracked into pieces. Hahaha, actually it stopped.

I can't live without watch because when I took the exam and then suddenly the lecturer said "10 minutes more". I feel like wth wth and a little bit heart attack. Lol. So watch is really important to me.

So, I got myself a new watch today ! YAHHOOOOO this time round, I bought a white one instead of a baby pink ! hehehe. so rare.

Guess what, I bought it for Rm15.90! Cheaper than the watch that I brought before which is the baby pink one and used it for like, few months. What a short lifespan it is?or I should blame myself for dropping it accidentally? I hope this watch last longer than that lousy watch!

This white watch is very simple and plain. I love plain watch, not too much blings blings :) Hehehe, simplicity is the best~ Anyway, the belt is rubber, but I want another kind , but could not get it. Anyway, I showed to my group just to show off. Lol! Hehehe, I love telling people what I bought! Just like I am telling YOU I JUST GOT A PRETTY+WHITE+SIMPLE+CHEAP WATCH FOR RM15.90!!!!!!!!! OMG SO CHEAP, GO AND GRAB ONE FOR YOURSELF TOO!


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