kiss kiss heheheheh

Proudly presents MY RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had wanted this for so long long time... and finally I got it yesterday night!!!!! I was lucky because this is the last piece the shop have. I wanted the one I posted below when I saw it, but unfortunately there is no other pattern~~~ So I get myself the last piece for ...rm opps secret~ hehhhehehe

Do you have any suggestion what should I named this rabbit ?!?! >.< so happy~~ Now I feel like sleeping all the time hugging it...........hehehehhehe
this is the one that I captured last time~
This is gift from my best friend for my 18th birthday~~smaller version of rabbit !! hehehhehe I think they are a little bit different, but almost the same~ they have red cheeks >.< 呵呵 田可荔送我的 看到吗?~~哈哈哈哈哈 考试加油哦!等你考完试我们一起去玩!收到了吧!~
Do you feel happy for me getting a new partner ???!?!?!! I AM EXTREMELY HAPPPYPYPYPPYPYPYPYPYPPYPY!! HEHEHEHEH

Oh ya I just got a proper haircut and it's a little bit short~~~but it's okay, I like ! :DDD


haze said…
Cute rabbit!!!♥♥♥
Jessie said…
Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< i really love it~

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