yesterday night~~~

I am 18 years old and 7 months and yesterday night was my very first time to watch football lively. Not football, it was futsal. Smaller kind of football. Hmm, I went there because of my friend. hm.

but it turned out to be pretty fun! I thought it will be super boring and lame because it's a guys game. I had freezing cold fingers because it was raining and I needed to cycle under the rain to reach the sports complex. And I was in short !

Anyway, the feeling of nervousness whether who and who is winning is very very exciting! Of course I wished my friend to win ma. ahhahaha.

But the game is too short, very very short.

oppps, sorry no photos ! My blog is lack of photos....

p/s: T_T later have to cycle under HOT HOT sun to go MCD for programming assignment.. I thought the venue should be my house .... >.<


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