April's haul!!!!

LOOK AT THOSE PHOTOS!!! IT'S MY RM 300+ Actually there are more stuffs but I don't feel like posting everything here~ the main thing here is the PURSE!! OMG, the hello kitty word is printed ON the purse! RM 60, my God..my favourite, finally I got myself a hello kitty purse!!! so in love with it >.<

The second big thing is that I got myself a new pencil case. I need more pink, so I bought the pink one, actually I was not really satisfied with it because I want a lighter pink rather than hot pink, anyway, when I glance at it now, I feel that I'm in love with it already~

I have so many things to complete and do, so I have to off first ya! Btw, I made my decision already, I am going to buy Samsung Galaxy S2 in.. few weeks time. I am no dare to ask my daf for it because , I have no reason to get myself a new phone... so I guess, I have to sacrifice my MONEY......................................... =(((((( @@@@$#@%$^%$&%^*&^ should I should I not?

I wish I could write more but I just can't resist to pause my drama there.......bye~~~~~~~~~~~


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